A downloadable game for Windows

It's a late night at the _____ Museum. The island representative has come in to donate today's haul of insects.

Explore a museum warped by the perspective of its humble curator, burdened with the task of homing his worst nightmare.

LENGTH: 10-15 Minutes

WARNINGS: Blood, Insects, Light Jumpscares

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsanimal-crossing, Horror, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Survival Horror

Install instructions

  1. Download .rar archive.
  2. Extract using WinRAR, 7-Zip or another software equivalent.
  3. Run RPG_RT.exe to start the game.

If you have any trouble during the installation phase, try installing the RPG Maker 2003 RTP.

If running Linux or Mac, try using WineEasyRPG or RPGHub.


Kind Donations.zip 25 MB


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Hi can you make the linux version if you have to convert it? Please and thank you.

check the description

If running Linux or Mac, try using WineEasyRPG or RPGHub

Loved it!


A little while back, I decided to play some games on my channel that pretended to be something cute an innocent. While this game doesn't pretend to be anything that it isn't, it's based on the extremely adorable and innocent series; Animal Crossing. In short, I didn't know a horror game based on such an adorable series could work, but Kind Donations does it right. Watch my experience with this great game here: 

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This was such a fun little game, it was really cool to get more of an insight into Blather's fear of creepy crawlies... and the ending was really wholesome!

This was a fun lil game I enjoyed it, despite needing help with one of the puzzles

I have to say, short but sweet. I quite like this.

If you like you can check my video as well.

This game was extremely comfusing and im sure somone can connect everything together. It was really fun to play though. Here is my experience:

If you enjoyed the video then please consider subscribing! If you did not enjoy the video then please tell me what you did not enjoy in the comments so I can improve :)

Nice little game. What's the other game in the download with tons of sprites?

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Hello! this was a really good rpg maker horror game although i have never played an animal crossing game i was still able to enjoy playing this game so great job! i can't wait to see what else you create! also i made a video so i hope you enjoy my video of me playing your game!

Great game I really enjoyed it would love to see more like this I would definetly play it 

That's from Animal Crossing: New Horizon, right?


I entered this thinking that there is no way a top down rpg maker game could be scary. Boy was I wrong, I am not sure how you managed it but the game was atmospheric, creepy and most importantly, got to scare me. I wish there was more for me to understand the story a little bit. 

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Hey there! I honestly though that this was a lovely little game about blathers! I thought that the atmosphere was able to be built and honestly, the use of the music was able to unnerve me through out. The ending honestly was one of the things I liked about it. Also, I'd just like to ask, is your name inspired by well, a certain tuxedo'd Cat? :> Cheers!

Really cool look at this concept. As a new fan of Animal Crossing, I saw so much potential for a horror game around this theme and you did it! Great job! I hope you have some time in the future to check out my gameplay :)

Here's the perfect soundtrack while playing:

I don't play animal crossing so I was very confused

the whole time

came across your game in the middle of my animal crossing grind! it was great to have a familiar break with this game, thought the rolly polly was a wharf roach for the longest time lmao. i wanted to share my recording and say thanks!


Never thought in a million years that I would play the horror version of Animal Crossing 😂 Nice one! Had a good time playing this 👍

It's a really good idea, using Blather's fear as a story. I feel like some of the scares could be further expanded but it's still a pretty solid game based off Animal Crossing.


This was so much fun as someone who loves ACNH. And a bit of a backstory as to why Blathers hates bugs so much was neat. Really enjoyed the ambience and the puzzles, even if I did take a while to find the room with the watering can lol. 

Keep up the great work, here my lets play :)


Had a ton of fun with this game, got a little lost at one point finding the room with the water can. Great flow and loved that you used the animal crossing world for your fan game. Would love to see more, will keep up with your project! 


Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid, pls:


1. It's so funny that you used Animal Crossing character and implemented their phrases. Nice job at simulating AC's environment.

2. I like how you added light jumpscares in the game. I got really scared by them because I didn't expect them.

3. I also loved your mini puzzles. They were not hard to solve but very nice that they were there. Without them the game would seem empty. Though they were a bit strange.


1. I don't know whether that was only my problem but the ending didn't work for me. Blathers became reeeallyyy slooow, so I couldn't run. Maybe that's intended, maybe it's a bug. Anyway, it spoiled the impression a lot for me.

2. The world seems strangely empty - half of the cages are empty, few things to interact to.

3. Found a bug where you can open bugs menu before dying so the menu gets stuck and just hangs there.


I enjoyed the game. I think it could have been a bit more polished but still, I see how much effort you put into it. The painting of Blathers, for instance, is impressive. I am waiting for your next projects)

Hope my feedback was useful!)


Here's a gameplay video with non-commentary


loved this game!!! thank you for creating this masterpiece!

I hope you make game with the label sisters next.


A really clever concept with simple yet highly effective scares! It literally got my heart pumping. Bravo ^^


Excellent bite-sized unsettling environment. The pixel art is quite pristine, well crafted and put together neatly.

ManlyBadassHero made a let’s play ^^

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Animal Crossing horror game? Awesome! 

Also amazing sprite work ^^


I loved it! Poor owl friend needs a raise.


Hoo boy. Captures the fear of lonely nights playing AC and being charged by a *redacted*. 10/10.